Client Testimonials


"Luis and Teresa have vision, architectural integrity, they listen to the clients needs and desires, budget range and have excellent communication skills. Their design scope can fit anywhere in the world, but they do not forget their local roots in the Sonoran desert. They are a pleasure to work with...We admire them both as professionals and friends. Our project was a collaboration of their vision and our own desires of how we wanted to live in our home. Because this was a remodel there were some limitations, particularly from the street view of the house. That actually became a strength because seeing the house from the outside does not give any clue of what the interior looks like. We love the element of surprise as our guests enter the house and as we enter from the garage. We believe that when you love your home more everyday then the result we achieved was a huge success. Clean, yet, warm. Great use of space and projection of scale. I could go on, but in conclusion, Luis and Teresa utilized their talent and listened to what we wanted. A beautiful combination."

Willie Joffroy, PONTATOC Residence 


“Working with Teresa and Luis is a privilege, they’re so talented. We love the house. It’s unique and beautiful. It could stand anywhere in the world, in Australia or Capetown, yet it’s local. Our guests feel they have been transported” 

Desi and Jerry Winter, WINTER Residence interviewed by Tucson Home magazine 



“The thing I hated about the East coast is that you are inside all the time and everything is grey, here every photon of light is well considered - you feel like you’re outside all the time...I tell Luis and Teresa they need to make a little urn for my ashes in the corner. We’re never moving out of this house.”

Francisco Garcia, GARCIA Residence 1999 - interviewed by Dwell magazine


"It fulfilled all of our dreams and more. Our house turned out even better than it looked in the early drawings and final plans.  It was very well designed to incorporate the nature of a large, mountain lot. From the beginning, the idea was to draw the outside in.  This was beautifully accomplished. We have everything we asked for in the house (and we had a long list for the architects)."

"We love to show off Luis and Teresa's beautiful work!  Thanks to them, the house is wonderful and everybody loves to experience what they have created for us."

Mary and Alan Levin, LEVIN Residence 


The architects provided complete design and construction supervision. We described our living style and they suggested several ideas. We selected one and the project turned out to be excellent. They were very good to work with. Before plans were drawn they had a site survey, elevations, views, major plants, etc. The house was situated to take advantage of the mountain views and not disturb the vegetation as much as possible. They were very sensitive to the environment. It was a joy to work with Teresa and Luis. We would do it again without reservation.

Bob & Maija, DOWNING Residence


"We used Ibarra Rosano Architects for a house addition/remodel. We were and are so pleased with all aspects of their work and love the space they designed for us. They are not only very talented but they are also a pleasure to work with - thorough, attentive to detail and responsive. We have an older home and they were able to build something that suited our modern needs but is complimentary to the original architecture of our home."

Bobbie & Doug, METCALF-SCHORR Residence


"Teresa Rosano and Luis Ibarra designed our home and we couldn't be happier with it. We were so confident in them. Great for them to be getting the recognition they deserve."

Marc Berg, BERG Residence


"Ibarra Rosano designed an architectural gem and, at the same time created a home that is livable and, although half the size of our previous home, feels larger, more spacious and in tune with the surrounding environment. They are a pleasure to work with and listened to our needs with openness, respect, and flexibility. I strongly recommend them if you are considering building a new home or remodeling an existing structure."

Anita Claney, CATALINA Residence


"Ibarra Rosano Design Architects is one of the preeminent young firms in the desert Southwest. Their work fits in with and defers to the landscape while being clear, compelling, and striking in its own right. Their work has restraint, and yet produces delight. Luis and Teresa have the rare ability to both serve a client and develop a significant work of architecture. I have hired both of them to teach at the University of Arizona School of Architecture and consider them essential members of the Faculty. I highly recommend their work."

Robert Miller, AIA

AIA-Arizona 2018 Board President, Professor/Director of the University of Arizona School of Architecture