Patagonia Residence: Arizona

Patagonia Residence: Arizona

Location: Patagonia, Arizona

Year Completed: Unbuilt

Square Footage: 1612 sq ft


Rendering: Jennifer Martin

Structural: Harris Engineering Services, llc

Mechanical / Electrical: Paul Formentini


In the same way geological formations are wrought by the actions of weathering and erosion, this design is shaped by the environmental forces of the prevailing winds, the earth, sun and sky.

To begin, a rammed earth wall wedges its way into the site’s strong, prevailing winds, like a ship parting ocean waves. It anchors the house on the land. With outstretched arms, it holds a ‘living pod’ in each hand - at one end, the living spaces and on the other, the sleeping spaces.

Each pod is aimed to gaze, across native grasses out to their assigned horizon or Red Mountain views.

The objective is to live frugally and sensitively on the fragile land, comfortable and engaged. The two tethered pods form a tranquil, wind-protected courtyard between themselves and the sheltering earth wall. An outdoor fireplace in the earth wall invites the living outside. 

This exterior room is the link between living and sleeping spaces as a desire by the client to live in the present, within the environment. It is a way to remain connected with the land in an honest and direct way.

The palette is simple and natural, taking its material hues from the surrounding landscapes. Rust, earth, glass and light make up the home’s palette.


AIA Southern Arizona 2011 "Home of the Year" award: Patagonia Residence