Pontatoc Remodel

Pontatoc Remodel

Location: Tucson, Arizona

Year Completed: 2009

Square Footage: 2770 sq ft


Photographer: Bill Timmerman

Structural Engineer: Harris Engineering Services, Ilc

Mechanical: Paul Formentini


Contractor: Repp Design + Construction

Landscaping: Sol Design


The Homeowners Association and the tightly packed lot presented our greatest challenges in this 1970’s townhouse remodel project. Additionally, the client’s brief included an extensive, large-scale art and handmade furniture collection that needed to find a home as well.

Since significant alterations, especially those that would be visible from the street, were highly restricted, the bulk of the changes were made behind the street façade. Our investigation of the property identified many underutilized pockets of space throughout the lot and within the house.

We freed the interior spaces of the low-slung porches and unnecessary soffits that eclipsed sunlight and mountain views.

Our strategy was to reorient the house to face the back, such that the living room could flow smoothly to the re-designed pool and outdoor living room.

Being consummate cooks, the client’s new kitchen takes center stage in this expanded living space. The island centerpiece runs the length of the room. It has become the nucleus of the family’s social gatherings. Now the cook can boast of a view of Finger Rock, a feature the client had not previously enjoyed from inside.

Outside, the replacement of the original conventional porches with a single voluminous canopy redefines the outdoor room complete with an herb garden and sculpture garden.

In the front, the addition of one more bedroom shaped a front entry courtyard and dramatic gate.

Before, the master bedroom was encumbered by compartmentalized partitions. Now a cast-in-place concrete headboard and frosted glass wall help make better use of the space, increasing both the storage and natural light.

On the opposite side, the addition of a new gallery hall adds more space to display artwork, while linking the garage to the house. Now, arrival for the owners is no longer through their laundry room. When entering the house through the garage the owner’s experience of arriving home is as inspiring as that of their guests entering through the main entry.

From the street, the only evidence that this former clone has gone rogue is the distinctive new entry portal and gate that welcomes intrigued neighbors. 



AIA Southern Arizona "Home of the Year" award: Pontatoc Residence Remodel (2014)

pontatoc2 before.JPG