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Sweet Smiles Dental Office

Sweet Smiles Dental Office

Location: Tucson, Arizona

Year Completed: Unbuilt

Square Footage: 1860 sq ft.


The entrance to this dental clinic is conceived of as a welcoming elegant space—a comfortable and functional lobby that helps ease anxious patients’ nerves, setting a different tone from the ordinary dentist clinic.

To meet our second challenge of fitting very specific dental equipment requirements into a constricted tenant space, we zoned the functions into three distinct spaces for: ‘waiting’, ‘working’ and ‘treating’. 

The working spaces are consolidated and organized in the middle of the overall space into an efficient work center, which separates the waiting and treatment spaces. This minimalistic vessel houses the clinic’s administrative and operational tasks, leaving the perimeter open for ‘waiting’ and ‘treating’.

The vessel’s oblong shape is clad in black steel and openings in its metallic shell reveal a warm wooden interior. The contrasting materials help to differentiate the public perimeter space from working staff spaces. 

The vessel’s elliptical geometry encompasses space where functionally necessary and tapers down where square footage is not needed, instead helping define circulation.

The waiting zone—which also includes a tooth-brushing station, restrooms and a seating area—tends to patient’s needs for comfort prior to their appointment.

In the seating area, the organizing vessel is carved into to create a children’s clubhouse waiting booth, providing a special place for the youngest of patients.

On the opposite side of the vessel are the operatories—the “treating” spaces. The material palette here is neutral: whites, greys and frosted glass. The calming monochromatic treatment spaces are punctuated with bursts of tangerine orange in the dental chairs.

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