The Six Courtyard Houses

The Six Courtyard Houses

Location: Tucson, Arizona

Phase 1 + 2:

Year Completed: 2008

Square Footage: 2297 sq ft per unit + 544 sq ft 2-car garage

Phase 3:

Year Completed: 2009

Square Footage: 2360 sq ft per unit + 438 sq ft studio/guest + 537 sq ft 2-car garage


Developer: Dreamspace, llc

Photographer: Bill Timmerman

Structural: Caruso Turley Scott

Mechanical / Electrical: Carlson Company

Contractor: Repp Design + Construction


In our desert town plagued by sprawl and lacking in public transportation, The Six is a project comprised of six courtyard houses that demonstrate the possibilities for higher density and urban infill desert development.

While the Six takes cues from Tucson’s architectural past and neighboring residences, which manifest as central courtyards, low-rise masonry construction, and thoughtful solar orientation, the project is an emphatic expression of its place and time.

The Courtyard is a traditional concept employed in hot arid regions because it takes advantage of cool desert nights by affording the house the ability to open into a secure and private space. Each house’s primary spaces expand onto the central courtyard, while the more intimate bathing areas extend into private landscaped light wells.

This interconnection of indoor and outdoor space is a consistent trademark of the development. In the hallway, glue-laminated wood beams are crafted to form a dramatic window seat overlooking the courtyard. The master bedroom shares access to the large outdoor “room” while the master bath and guest baths look onto small private outdoor spaces, giving one the sensation of bathing outdoors. Directly above the expansive kitchen island, the ceiling dramatically rises to provide a demarcation for the cooking area, and allow clerestory windows to provide balanced south and north light into the voluminous dining and living areas.

For us, the magic comes from the manipulation of the human experience, not the form. We feel that timelessness is attained when every decision is based on something important and when the space is given as much consideration as the object. 



Merit Award by Residential Architect, Single Family Production Housing (2009)

Merit Award by AIA Southern Arizona (2008)

AIA Southern Arizona 2008 "Home of the Year"









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