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Etched within their glass bodies are inscriptions.

Each one aligned at the height of each victim’s eye level.

“More helpful, like Gabe Zimmerman

More devoted, like Dorwin Stoddard

More kind, like Phyllis Schneck

More fair, like Judge John Roll

More loving, like Dorothy 'Dot' Morris"

Visitors kneel to a 9 year old’s eye level to read: 

“More hopeful, like Christina Taylor Green”

Location: Tucson, Arizona

Year Completed: Unbuilt

Client: January 8th Memorial Foundation

The early morning of January 8, 2011 was a tragic day for Tucson and the nation.

On the days that followed the shooting, without instruction or prescription, the community assembled. The arrangement of beacons represents that spontaneous coming together. Their density asks visitors to slow down and exercise reverence as they approach the center.

Shots were fired outside a neighborhood grocery store where Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was holding Congress on your Corner. After the lone gunman was tackled, six people lay dead, thirteen lay wounded and the Tucson community lay shattered.

This memorial helps us remember the compassion and love we were called upon to demonstrate on that terrible day, to remember that together, we are more powerful than anything that seeks to hurt us.

January 8th Memorial

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