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Photography: Julie Lauterbach-Colby

Photography: Julie Lauterbach-Colby

Photography: Lopez de Arenosa

Photography: Lopez de Arenosa

Teresa Rosano, AIA LEED AP

Principal Architect & Co-Founder

Teresa grew up surrounded by the Tucson desert, in an adobe house built by her father.  Her family thrived in the arts, with a wood & ceramic artist as a mother and a mosaic & metal sculptor for a father. Art supplies and construction materials abound, Teresa and her triplet brothers had a wealth of resources with which to build, create, and imagine.

While her brothers gravitated toward music, Teresa was fascinated with dance and choreography.

The vitality she experienced while moving through space, combined with her discipline, has lead to a third-degree black belt and an ongoing practice in the martial arts.

Teresa brings her enthusiasm for movement and spatial choreography together with her passion for making and building to create architecture - an architecture connected to its place, a value instilled by her immersion in the desert environment.

As Principal Architect of Ibarra Rosano Design Architects, Teresa is well regarded as one of Arizona’s leading practitioners. She has lectured throughout the country and has served on numerous national design competition juries and panel discussions.

Teresa has also served the design community on several non-profit boards and panels. She is currently serving on the Southern Arizona AIA Board of Directors, and as an adjunct lecturer at the University of Arizona School of Architecture, her alma mater.

Photography: Chris Richards

Photography: Chris Richards


Luis Ibarra

Principal Designer & Co-Founder

Luis, son to an immigrant father and mother, learned a strong work ethic and the value of working with his hands from his parents.

In his formative years, toys were few but pens and paper were always available. As a result, drawing became Luis’ constant companion, along with conjuring new spaces through his imagination. Today, that skill manifests in a delight for making things better and playfully discovering new ideas.

Luis graduated from the University of Arizona College of Architecture in 1994 where he was recognized as a leader in his class. While there, he studied with Pritzker Prize Award winning Australian architect Glenn Murcutt. From Murcutt’s mentorship, Luis learned that great architecture is informed by the land, its flora and fauna, and the culture in  which it resides. As Murcutt put it, “it is about the -ings of things, the living, the dreaming and the sharing - the reasons for architecture in the first place."

In 2010,  at a lecture on his principled work, attended by the Director of the School of Architecture, Luis was enlisted to help revamp the pedagogical direction in the third year curriculum at the University of Arizona College of Architecture, Planning and Landscape Architecture (CAPLA). He currently holds a Lecturer and Coordinator appointment for the third year design studio where he uses his abilities to teach and inspire students.

In practice, Luis works closely with clients to guide each design process toward excellence. His ability to fulfill the aspirations of clients while delivering architecture of critical acclaim has helped lead the firm into a top position among Arizona architects. He embraces the process of uncovering unique design solutions as varied and as interesting as each of his clients and their sites .

Using methods that embrace social and environmental responsibility, he is dedicated to the conversations regarding civic and cultural space and the role that design has in them. Luis is regularly invited to advise on city design committees, boards and active neighborhood groups, where he attends as an advocate for making design accessible to everyone and committed to finding better ways forward by learning from the past, understanding the present, and preparing for the future. And his favorite color is black. 


Sarah Luck, LEED AP

Project Architect

Sarah possesses an intellectual curiosity that has compelled her to achieve diversity in both her professional and personal endeavors. Though originally from North Carolina, and a true southerner at heart, Sarah has lived in such varied places as England, New York, Switzerland, Manhattan, and currently Arizona. This drive has aided Sarah in earning advanced degrees in Chemistry, Immunology, and Architecture. She has a Bachelor of Science from UNC Chapel Hill, a Master of Science from Rockefeller University, and a Master of Architecture from North Carolina State University College of Design

Upon graduation from NCSU, Sarah was honored by the faculty with the prestigious Kamphoefner Honor Fellowship. Each year, this award is presented in recognition of the most outstanding performance in design and academics in the School of Architecture.

Sarah has over 10 years experience working in award-winning firms. She joined Ibarra Rosano Design Architects in 2012, where she continues to strive for design excellence. Sarah is currently working on the Catalina residence and is project lead for the Schultz residence.

Sarah lives in downtown Tucson. She believes in contributing to the community by living in the city center and supporting local people and businesses. Sarah is excited to witness the recent growth in the urban core of Tucson, which continues to bring together people from all backgrounds, promoting creativity through diversity. She is currently designing her own house with her husband in the downtown area.

Photography: Kelly Presnell/Arizona Daily Star

Photography: Kelly Presnell/Arizona Daily Star


Janeth Vega-Flores

Junior Designer & Project Manager

Janeth Vega-Flores, a graduate from the University of Arizona School of Architecture with a Spanish Minor, joined Ibarra Rosano Design Architects in 2012.

Janeth, now having spent the majority of her life in Tucson, is originally from Caborca, Sonora, Mexico. Her move to Tucson at the age of 8 launched in her a process of cultural absorption, an experience of coming to understand and integrate a foreign culture into her own. This instilled in her a strong interest in cultural studies, both locally and around the world.

Due to an interest in traditions and the conservation of history and heritage, during her college career, Janeth participated in heritage conservation events like a Historic Preservation School in Ajo, Arizona, and TICRAT, an international workshop on the conservation and restoration of earthen architecture in Arizona.

Seeking to understand the human experience within other societies, Janeth took the opportunity to study abroad, one summer learning German in Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany and another studying Spanish Literature in Segovia, Spain. Both experiences exposed her to different lifestyles, backgrounds, and both natural and built environments. These experiences bring a global consciousness, cultural awareness, and social ethics to Janeth’s early pursuits in Architecture.

Janeth’s Architecture thesis project at the University of Arizona focused on the cultural history of Tucson, community involvement and public discourse in Southern AZ border issues. On her spare time, Janeth enjoys running, strength training, and through reading, furthers her understanding of cultural studies, feminism and Spanish literature.


Carrie Gauthier

Book Keeper

Carrie has over 25 years of bookkeeping experience providing the full range of bookkeeping functions for multiple small business accounts.  She is primarily focused on architects, architect-builders, and contractors although she handles a medical facility as one of her accounts.  She has provided bookkeeping services for Ibarra Rosano Design Architects for over 4 years now. Her Spock-like logic and attention to detail serve her well in maintaining accurate job costs, payrolls, insurance certifications, and tax records.  She studied accounting and computer science in college, maintaining a rare 4.0 gpa in computer science.  She has combined these skills to write a sophisticated job cost program that is currently in use with two design/build clients. 

Carrie enjoys snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking, and just hanging out at the beach.  She loves to travel, having been to almost every state and a number of countries.  She hasn’t decided whether Thailand or the island of Cozumel is her favorite.  An admitted techno-geek, she is comfortable in both the PC and Mac environments, and must always have the latest and greatest iPhone.